700 Wesley Avenue North 
Cullman, Alabama 35058      
Phone Number:  (256) 796-6304 
Fax Number:  (256) 796-0066
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Upcoming Events

There will be NO early dismissal in April 
or May.  These days will be used
to makeup bad weather days.

Congratulations to Our Reading Fair Winners!!!!
verall Winner - Anna Claire Harris

1st  Eli St. Denny

2nd  Desi Pruett

3rd  Cali Goldent

First Grade                        

Overall Winner   Gavin Vincent

1st  Emily Moore

2nd  Sadie Fallin

Second Grade                   

Overall Winner Cole Carden

1st  Elijah Boeckler

2nd  Lona Latham

3rd  Aiden Corley

Third Grade                        
Overall Winner -  Jackson Babb

                                                      1st   Somer Harris

                                                      2nd   Amy Latham

                                                      3rd   Tie between  Kinlee Garrison and Connor Bryant

Fourth Grade                     

Overall Winner -  Denise Mendoza

                                                     1st   Samantha Rogers

                                                     2nd   Katelynn Simmons

                                                     3rd   Matthew McAlpine

Fifth Grade                         

Overall Winner -  Adeline Ballew

                                                       1st   Darren Roberts

                                                      2nd  Mattie Sims

                                                      3rd   Brady Johnson



Overall Winner -  Jecelyn Barnett, 

Mali Gregory, Maci Gregory


3-5 Overall Winner -   Emily Bryan, 

Grace Simmons

1st   Kirsten Barnett, Emmy Glover, Chloe LaBaue, Angelina Cruz

2nd   Tessa Buckelew, Savannah Bryson

3rd   Erica Aguilor, Jessica Pesina, Brock Pauda, Dezi Vega 

Overall Winner -  Talin Gardner and Bryton Gardner and Family

1st  Christy and Jacob Izenburg and family

2nd  Steven Santos and Family


Overall Winner - Hannah Wood and Family

1st Jennesy Lopez and Family


The mission of Fairview Elementary School 
is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages 
students to become productive, responsible citizens.

September 13, 2015


To Whom It May Concern:


     This letter is to attest that 100% of the certified teachers at Fairview Elementary School have met 

the requirements for highly qualified status under the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  




Marty Hardman 


Fairview Elementary School